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Twitter: Real Life or Real Drama?

Forgive me if I ask a semi-rhetorical question here. Is this for real?

A breif snatch of monologue
A brief snatch of monologue

It’s just a snatch of the twittering from someone called @DrJHodgins. @a_montenegro is his wife (I think). They have conversations on Twitter. So do my wife (@berberis) and I — I don’t think that’s unusal in this over-wired world.

What is unusual is for them to be having the sort of face-to-face conversations via Twitter which you or I would have, er, face-to-face.

At this very moment, the “pregnant” @a_montenegro is supposed to be in a Washington DC Emergency Room, being examined minutely by trained professionals because she has been vomiting almost constantly for the past few days. Her worried hubby @DrJHodgins has taken her there, and presently tweets …

DrJHodgins Doctors seem to be pretty concerned with @a_montenegro. Gave her some meds that won’t hurt the baby and ordered an ultrasound and bloodwork

Okay, I get that. Worried father-to-be is nervously tapping on his phone keypad to talk things out in his own mind. But then she Twitters …

A_Montenegro .@DrJHodgins …I think I did something. I hurt our baby somehow. Drinking before I knew?

… which is all very interesting, but I wonder how she has the energy to Tweet when she is “crying with pain”. Then he replies …

DrJHodgins .@A_Montenegro Angie, you didn’t do anything wrong, you did everything right. Hopefully this is nothing. Just rest while we wait.

Now forgive my skepticism here but I reckon if I was in a similar situation with my Missus (and we’ve had our moments) I’d whisper it tenderly into her shell-like ear, NOT broadcast it for an audience of 458 followers.

I sincerely apologize if I have the wrong end of the stick here, but I think this is the birth (or possibly rebirth) of the Twitter “soap opera”, and it’s really quite engrossing. It even almost got me joining in yesterday with words of encourangement for the tragic couple.

Other clues are that @DrJHodgins, @A_Montenegro and their Twitter buds @DrTBrennan and @AgentBooth, all correspond to characters in an American CSI-style drama called Bones, a show which I believe airs on Sky over here (so I’ll never watch it).

Certainly, all of their Twitter avatars resemble the gorgeous pouting hollywood celebs we have come to know and expect on our small screens.

Whatever, I predict it will all end in tears …

For a start, as a marketing ploy, it ain’t working that well. They have less than 500 followers apiece (and most of those must be duplicates), not exactly Ashton Kucher or Kirstie Alley now, is it?

According to TwitterCounter even I could have than many soon!

But — fact or fiction, stream of consciousness or team-written script — for the moment this particular twitterlogue’s got me on the edge of my seat.