The Climate Change Camp is typical of the entire Climate Change lobby: they act like a bunch of moody teenagers.

As I write, several dozen well-meaning individuals have positioned themselves in that hotbed of oil company activity, Greenwich Royal Park, to further the cause of Climate Change Activism.

They want the world to wake up and reduce its output of carbon dioxide which is poisoning the planet and dooming us to an arid desert with summer temperatures reading the high thirties Centigrade!

While they are feeling rightfully smug at the effectiveness of their protest, traffic is clogging up in south east London as those bastard drivers are trapped in miserable rush-hour traffic jams. And we all know that because staionary cars produce more CO2, London’s Rush-Hour traffic jams increase the output of this ‘deadly’ gas which is of no use to anyone (except for the world’s plant-life).

Ack-chully … these jams only seem to have occurred since the pitching of the climate camp, so — logically — the ultimate effect of the Greenwich Park Climate Camp is to increase carbon dioxide production.

That makes sense. I may fly to New York and back several times to celebrate their insight.

I said earlier that the “campers” are acting as bunch of moody teenagers: this is how moody teenagers act.

They pick up some “information” — read interest group propaganda — from some source and then fix it firmly in their mind as a sacred truth. Then they dig their heels in and chant this morsel of pseudo-fact like a mantra, irrespective of how stupid they sound.

Eventually, they stamp their feet long enough that the “grown-ups” throw them some vague promises of action to shut them up. And because by now their attention has been grabbed by the next trend or ad campaign or reality TV show, they accept the “concession” and tout it as a great victory for “common sense”.

I predict now that all this huffing and puffing at Greenwich Park will achieve nothing, except for an immediate increase in the very gas which they say they want to reduce.

They used to talk about Global Warming, then global temperatures began to fall. Now they talk about Climate Change.

I know much of which I speak is anecdotal, but I don’t feel the planet warming: it’s getting colder, year on year. It’s August 27, but cycling home today it felt like October 27. Yes, the climate is changing, because it always has. In Roman times they grew grapes as far north as Newcastle.

We’re told it’s the warmest/coldest/wettest/driest since records began. And when did they begin? Well, as far back as the middle of the 19th century, when the Industrial Revolution was well under way and we had already commenced our spiral into climate change oblivion as the not-so-happy Climate Change Campers would have it.

I further predict that the forthcoming 3rd Climate Change World Summit in Copenhagen will achieve nothing, because anyone with any real power realises that the whole Climate Change thing is nonsense and doesn’t want to doom their economy to carbon-cap oblivion. They like to be seen to be in step with public opinion, or the voice of the mob as it is sometimes known.

Don’t get me wrong. I’d love a world where all energy came from renewable sources. I’d love a world where everyone had all the energy they need to prosper at a price they could afford. I’m actually a firm believer that science can ease us into a new Utopia where no-one goes hungry and that people can live the life they deserve. Despite everything, I’m an optimist.

But … experience tells me that politicians and religious people — who are really politicians but aren’t brave enough to own up to their own prejudices and prefer to blame it on the supposed utterances of some imaginary friend — will always screw up anything progressive to hasten their own warped concepts of “paradise”.

Despite this, I believe we will get there in the end, but it won’t be thanks to small-interest pressure groups like the Greenwich Royal Parks Climate Change Camp.