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All the good addresses have already gone

Lifge is too overcrowdedIt’s been quite a week so far. Now it’s Friday and the pressure doesn’t look like letting up.

Went to see the first of (I now hope) many possible new addresses yesterday evening, a 1930’s terrace squeezed into a piece of ground in front of the usual early Victorian townhouses, themselves now split into a millionty short-let flats.

Sadly, it was a rabbit hutch, albeit a newly-refurbished, double-glazed one. The third “bedroom” was too small to fit a bed in. And all this in a street barely two car-widths across with countless others living their lives less than a stone’s throw away. Always remember, Hell is other people.

Needless to say we were all left feeling a little down by the experience. The glorious evening sunshine did nothing to lift the mood either. The silver lining to being given notice to quit by our landlords was that we could find a little more space, and this seemed to indicate that we should expect to downsize.

What makes it even worse is trawling the web for possibles: the best ones all seem to have gone already.

I get a distinct feeling I should have done this earlier this year, or last year, or three years ago, but that way madness lies. Deep down, I know there are always better places just out of reach.

Surely, the art of contentment lies with being happy with what is available.

And who knows, the perfect house may just be coming onto the rental market now.

Still, three more houses to check tonight. Let’s hope this time there’s room to swing more than a rabbit!