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You know how I said: ‘Never say it can’t get worse’?

Turns out I was right. It got worse.

I write this blog as an almost unemployed person. The final nail in the coffin should come round about midday on Monday when we are finally told that no buyer has been found for the company.

While I work in search, the company I work for is an affiliate network and the affiliates are voting with their feet.

An affiliate network without affiliates is not even a network.

And so, while the bit of the company I was responsible for was profitable and improving daily, its support network will virtually disappear. I will most likely be joining the ranks of the unemployed again on Monday.

Furthermore, because of the way it has all come to pass, there is a decreasing likelihood that anyone will get paid this month. The £1,600 underpayment I was expecting to swell my salary looks to be history too.

Never say it can’t get worse.

Watch this space.

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