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Excuse me for not going on

It’s half-past- five and I’m finding it hard to keep my eyes open. I know why.

Yesterday, I was convinced my slurred speech was down to stress or depression. Heaven knows I’m entitled: the past month has been a rollercoaster of raised hopes, dashed promises, insolvency, form-filling, pitching and waiting. Most of all waiting.

There have been many long days as I try to launch my new Search Engine Marketing (SEM) company, MediaPositive. and finally go self-employed.

Some of the most wearing experiences have been the embarrassment of people praising the stuff I do (supposedly, that’s a sign of low assertiveness).

But my current insomnia is not a result of any of this. It’s not even a result of the noisy police dogs at the bottom of my garden, or the next-door neighbours who are  marking Ramadan by breaking their fast at 2am and getting rat-arsed in the wee small hours till they throw up.

No, my sleeping problems — I realised this morning in a flash of inspiration — are most likely down to the buckets of coffee I have been drinking each day with a good friend who is doing some handyman work to make our new abode even more delightful.

As a Search Engine expert I should have known to be wary of Caffeine (no more SEO in-jokes, Ed.).

Excuses, excuses

Perhaps the resulting lethargy is the underlying reason for my lack of blogging and Twittering in recent weeks.

My last post “In Praise of Breasts” was perhaps not the best parting shot, especially when I was asked at one speculative interview if they could read my blog to gauge my writing style.

Anyhow, I’m taking notice of Cicero’s advice, which I highlighted in a previous post:

“Even if you have nothing to write, write and say so.”

But it’s not that I have nothing to write about (there’s loads), it’s just that at present it all feels like a blur.

Next week I start a long-term contract with the biggest client of dgmSearchLab, the SEO department I used to run until the company went belly-up in July (the rise and fall of dgm is perhaps a topic for another day) and there are other opportunities in the pipeline.

The reason for this post is really to put down a marker for a new era of career, success and achievement, especially in blog posting.

No, first let me get the caffeine (not the Google kind) out of my bloodstream and then, I promise, I’ll fill you in. If you’re at all interested.

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