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Keeping my head when all about are losing their cool

Just returned from a mini adventure around east London. Most of the rest of East London is still on theirs.

Typical of the British climate, this weekend has turned out (so far) to be hot and humid. I’ve had a series of errands to run in the absence of My Best Beloved who is off on her second (or is it first?) biggest passion, singing (a choral festival for 4,000 Scandiwegian immunologists at the London Excel Centre).

The temperature has been as high as 30C and proably 90% humidity. Thank Jehova for air conditioning in cars. I was positively frosty as I drove through Dalston, Highbury and Kentish Town and completely chilled out as I drove back over Waterloo Bridge on the way home.

Not so the unfortunate souls I encountered along my way: people getting stressed as they wound down their car windows down in stationary traffic in a futile attempt to lower the heat.

The problem it seems is that London’s Blackwall Tunnel is closed southbound with a knock-on effect all around the capital’s eastern chokepoints.

I’m home now to the smell of other people’s barbecues and  the hum of Londoners losing their temper with each other. There goes another siren. It’s all kicking off.

Time for a beer.