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The web as a garden of delights

My good lady wife is currently scything through the jungle that is our tiny London back garden: she finds it therapeutic I s’pose.

For me, web design is exactly the same. An unoptimised website is like an overgrown garden; full of ugly weeds and nothing quite growing the way you want it.

Even after you’ve been through it to remove all the unwanted foliage of animated gifs or badly-formed tables and come up with a more attractive design (based on XHTML/CSS, of course), there’s always something more to do.

Only when the big things have been gotten out the way can you see the small things that really make a difference.

My recent downtime has allowed me to get back into my garden(s) and scythe through the jungle. And every time I think I’ve reached the end, I find something else that isn’t quite how it should be or working as well as it might.

So every time you read here that I’ve finally polished up my CV or tweaked that side nav to perfection, refuse to believe it.

There’s always something and there always will be!