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Help me, I need a new mission statement

The late, great Tony Banks (the maverick Labour MP and fanatical Chelsea supporter, not the coffin-dodging keyboardist off of Genesis) once said:

“I am still in the job — and that is as much of a surprise to me as to anyone else”.

Well, I’m well into my second week at a search engine marketing and reputation management company in London’s bohemian Soho district, and I think of the blessed Tony’s quip almost every day.

How can something this fun be called work?

That doesn’t mean to say it’s easy — it’s bloody hard at times — but all that just goes to show to me how misguided website owners can be when it comes to getting the most out of their virtual real estate (“I can make it at home for nothing”).

Anyway, for the present, life is unreasonably good, and so my self-penned anti-panic poster “Don’t Worry — A Year From Now This Will All Be History”, which I adopted to help me through the grimmest days of my involuntary vacation, is starting to seem like tempting fate. Life has taught me to be cautious.

No, I need a new motto — a mission statement which humbly aspires to continued success for this latest turn of events. Anyone have any ideas?