Excuse this drivel, I’m drunk!

I write this blog under the affluence of incohol.

I’ve not been drinking for a fortnight because, basically, booze makes you fat!

By not drinking, and keeping an eye on my carbohydrate intake, I have certainly noticed that my clothes fit better than they used to.

This evening’s “excesses” are certainly an exception — pizza and cold lager. Be assured, after this aberration, I’ll be back on the lo-carb on Monday — but the recent debauchery has been fun.

I would urge anyone who” likes a drink” to abstain from time to time: it gives you a “bigger bang for your buck” if you leave off from time to time (so much so that I’m having to check EVERY line I write here to make sure I don’t repote or mistape all my wurds).

In short, life is good. Unreasonably so. And long may it continue …

Underlying all this is my recent new employment. It’s nice to be in a proper job — at last — where my insights are taken seriously. On top of that, my home life couldn’t be better.

This is a good time — I realise that — but we should all make the most of the good times, as long as they last because, let’s be honest, the good time NEVER last.

Simply put, a second of misery feels longer than an hour of good fortune.