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On Online Casinos and Gandalf

Now you know me; I’m not one to whinge, but it’s never too late to start, so here goes.

I’ve just come out of a seven-week stint on the unemployed list and I’m getting my feet back under the table at smartlivecasino . com, a web site which offers punters a chance to play against gravity and not a flow of electrons.

See, Smart Live uses a real roulette wheel which fires constantly, 24/7, so that people at the end of the phone or via their PC can wager real cash on where the little ball lands. This to me is much more honest than Flash games, where I’ve never been truly happy with random number generation, which is at the bottom of all such programs.

So I’m the SEO here, and it’s my job to get people coming to the website in greater numbers. So far I seem to be having some success.

Now however, I find myself constantly fielding job enquiries, despite having signed off all the job sites weeks ago. It really makes me wonder if, all the time I was sitting down getting cheesed off with joblessness and impending poverty, the job sites were even working!

Still, this is no “beggars can’t be choosers” situation. Smart Live is a really nice place to work, with a really nice bunch of people: much better than unemployment. And it’s just around the corner from my favourite restaurant.