10 things I learned on my holiday to Bulgaria

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A final view of Sunny Beach, BulgariaOkay, so after a burst of productivity when it seemed like I was posting a blog every few hours, it’s been a while. This is down to the fact that every holiday is followed by a long period of readjustment, not least in doing all the jobs that didn’t get done while you were away.

I could bore you with the things that have happened since my last post, like the 15-hour wait between check-out at the hotel and check-in at the airport, or the realization that I drank more on every day of the holiday than I usually drink in a week, or the fact that the second-to-last full week in September in Sunny Beach is just like the second-to-last full week in September in Southend — except for the weather.

Instead, I plan to give you 10 things I discovered on my odyssey to the Black Sea …










10. I am too chilled out to care right now …