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Life lived in circles

The longer I live, the more I realise how life is lived in circles. Now matter how far you go, you always fiond yourself coming back to — or damned close to — the place you began.

I was speaking to a recruiter this morning about an SEO Manager’s role in South West London but the conversation turned to what makes one website work better than another. I went into my sales pitch. Perhaps it’s jopb hunting, but I find I easliy slip into sales pitch these days.

Next thing, she was talking to me about her husband’s website (he sells homes in Turkey) and about how, despite the warmth of the country and its people — and the absolute pittance that it costs to live there — no-one is buying much.

This where the circle comes in: I’ve just finished working for a company run from Turkey, trying to get their website noticed because despite all the great things on offer, no-one (or very few people) were buying.

Well, I succeeded there; the visitor numbers were going up and up (but only for natural search). Despite this, they “let me go” saying that they thought SEO was “too long term”. People are dumb.

The more I look, the more I see these circles. Life repeating.

I reckon I can help this lady’s husband to improve his site: it’s full of the cliche bad SEO errors.

It’s making me wonder if actively seeking out these jobs may even prove to be more lucrative — and even more secure — than working for someone else.

I’ve been here before too. Is that another circle?