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The End of Summer?

That’s it. The last bank holiday before Christmas. The end of summer. So the weather is about to improve.

That’s the way it goes. Always. Could my sentences be any shorter? Yes.

The kids go back to school within days and the routine can recommence. This time, however, the routine will be one of getting my sh*t together; financially and career-wise. Emotionally and personally, I think I’m sorted: it was my 18th wedding anniversary yesterday. I’m still getting over the hangover.

The push now is for; the chance for me to let loose my skills on the wider world. This could be really good: an opportunity to ensure that there is some money left at the end of the month. And it occurs to me that I really like seeing my stuff out there. So aside from the work for the magazine and the website here (hereinafter known as “the day job”), look out for much more stuff aside from and Kit Krazy.

The latest hope is an adult toy shop called Sinsations: I’m looking forward to doing a sex shop in a tasteful way. Further to this is looks like a lucrative sideline: a web-development business aimed at the more “specialised” client.

Watch this space.