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Why Twitter is bad for your health

Yes, Twitter is bad for your health. Some reasons …

  • It’s addictive: you’ll find yourself skipping meals eventually
  • It’s aggravating: why, if you follow all the rules, does no-one follow you?
  • It’s annoying: despite your best efforts, a large portion of your followers will ALWAYS be spammers
  • It’s mystifying: Why some are some people not bothered by the fact that 80% of their followers are spammers?
  • It’s unfair: Despite your best efforts, nothing you ever start will become a trending topic
  • It’s too quick: Once America comes on line, your tweets will last 5 minutes, tops!
  • It’s nerve-wracking: You always forget to mention someone you really shouldn’t on Follow Fridays
  • It’s unbalanced: Why does @tittybot have more followers than me? (oh, sorry. Now I know)
  • It’s not lucrative: You actually can’t make $$$ from Twitter

Truth be told, even half an hour spent on Twitter is probably shortening my life by 30 mins just for reasons of sheer stress.

Long may it continue.