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Oh woe is me

Tis said it’s darkest just before the dawn. Problem is, that only works in hindsight. You need to know WHEN the dawn is coming to make any comparisons.

Currently, I have no idea when the dawn is coming. If it’s soon then the black mood I find myself in right now is about as dark as it gets, but recent history and the constant stream of bad news from the world around me, hints that the dawn could be some way away.

That implies things are likely to get blacker: that in itself is depressing.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not about to top myself anytime soon. I’m a born optimist, and that little voice inside is telling me it’s all going to get better.

But couple together a less-than-satisfactory meeting with a couple of recruiters (which was meant to be lunch but turned out to be a cup of overpriced coffee), cold damp grey weather and the impending end of my employment, and it’s not difficult to understand why I feel so lousy right about now.

Time to chant my favourite mantra of the moment: “Don’t worry, a year from now, all this will be history.”