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A place to put all our stuff

Don’t you wish there was somewhere you could bank time? Somewhere to store all those minutes you spend looking at the clock waiting for home time to arrive? Or the hours spent just outside a station on the commute to work?

And then, when you needed another hour to get that report finished, or 15 minutes more for a crafty lie in, you could withdraw the time you needed and live your life guilt-free.

It’s not as if you’d mind paying a little “interest”, 15 seconds in every hour to pay for it all: that could be donated to Manchester United to add to the end of every cruicial match so that they could score that late winner, perhaps.

The current complaint in our house is that there isn’t enough time to arrange a move: we’ve six days to go, and counting.

Of course the counter argument to this is: crap expands to fill the time available. Actually, Cyril Northcote Parkinson described it as …

Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion

If  Parkinson’s Law is true, then it wouldn’t matter if we have sixty days, there still wouldn’t be enough time to move.

I’m fast becoming a fan of the “fast and dirty approach”; not a rushed grope behind the bike sheds — though that does have its appeal — but more the idea that with sufficient determination and a bit of planning, you tackle the problem head on and face the problems when you come to them, not before.

Parkinson’s Law can be applied to almost anything as far as our house in concerned. A three-bedroomed house should be big enough to hold four people and all their stuff, but in recent years it’s been a damned close-run thing. Truly, in our case  …

Crap expands to fill the space available

One of the plus-sides of this move is that the new address has at least 50% more usable space. Nevertheless, expect me to write a similar post to this in the next 10 years, when we’ve filled up the next house.