Lost hours on the heath

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When does six weeks of roadworks take eight? When the construction work is suspended at weekends.

At least that’s what’s currently happening on the A2 at Blackheath. These are the same roadworks which cause untold suffering for hundreds of road users every single day all around Lewisham and Greenwich.

But instead of carrying on the work every single day to finish up as soon as possible, the powers that be have decided that two days out of seven it’s “Down tools!”

Over eight weeks that’s 16 days’ lost work; or to put it another way, 16 days to cut from the total time for the work.

If this is because they don’t want to pay extra for weekend work, just think of all the extra costs EVERYONE ELSE is having to bear — lost fuel, extra wear and tear on engines, frayed nerves.

That’s one cost-benefit analysis they obviously don’t care about.