A new job? Wait for it …

To be honest, this is not my first foray into the world of job hunting — it’s not even my first foray for several years. My career path has become somewhat rocky over the last 24 months. Not by choice, obviously.

Now I hope I’m not becoming blasé about it, but although I’ve not heard much from the applications I’ve made so far, I’m not panicking. And let’s remember my longest period of continuous employment, at Time Europe, came at the end of seven weeks on the dole after my previous employers went bust.

However, (painfully) recent experience tells me that I’m unlikely to see much of a glimmer of hope on the job front for AT LEAST four weeks, and the information I’m being given is that while there may actually be plenty of jobs out there for my speciality — SEO — employers are currently taking longer to interview, select and employ their new intake.

I hope I can prove the doomsayers wrong, and get a new post in double quick time, but I’m not expecting to.